Hi, there.

I am Klein.

DESIGNER, Electric Pulp, c.2013



near Louisville, population 36,462


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@nateboateng Color me confused. http://t.co/s0Wg3Srfed

48 minutes ago

RT @animaldrumss: "i like every genre except country and rap." ohhh shit lmao. hey everyone, this guy just said he loves show tunes. angela…

3 hours ago

.@courierjournal *Almost* cared enough to read one of your articles, then I got hit with this. Pathetic tactic. http://t.co/ZMcCWFOUCC

3 hours ago

.@thatdanstevens for IRON FIST or we riot. @netflix @marvel.

11 hours ago

Well, the only thing I'll miss from jailbreak is San Francisco Display. We can hope for one day, can't we?

11 hours ago

@stefanhartwig @ericmjorgensen We shan't speak ill of the dead.

11 hours ago

@ericmjorgensen Eric. I was in a Ska band. I know too much about Less Than Jake.

12 hours ago

If you want me to like your band, add a baritone saxophone. That's all it takes.

19 hours ago

@tandyq Also this.

21 hours ago

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