Hi, there.

I am Klein.

DESIGNER, Electric Pulp, c.2013



near Louisville, population 36,462


Figure 01. A selection of work on dribbble.com


Also: world-shaping canoeing, coming of age, parents. https://t.co/77BbwjUcfy

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This is a really ridiculous reason to be rejected from the @AppStore. https://t.co/SqOrEsPuMF

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RT @preshit: Check out @kleinmaetschke’s #homescreen — https://t.co/Lg3rybTVg6

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@heartofpixels @rmlewisuk Ewwwwwwwwwwww

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RT @zanelamprey: I'm in Indy! Come meet me tomorrow at @bigredliquors from 5-7pm! 25 Penn Ave. #indy #Indianapolis #rum https://t.co/eSMJYa…

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RT @ajchavar: This is AMAZING—@cspan using periscope to get around the turned off cameras on house floor 👏👏👏 https://t.co/ktW9WMDQsH

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RT @accidentalcast: Both @kleinmaetschke and @_GKeenan agree that they’re beginning to hit their stride. Ep. 4 is a good example of that ht…

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@tandyq The more the merrier. (Preferably recent ones. I’ve been away for a bit from this world.)

6 days ago

@tandyq I knew I could count on you. Years on those?

6 days ago

Figure 02. A sampling of tweets from twitter.com


Figure 03. A smattering of consumed media on trakt.tv


Figure 04. A cross-section of audio absorbed on last.fm