Hi, there.

I am Klein.

DESIGNER, Electric Pulp, c.2013



near Louisville, population 36,462


Figure 01. A selection of work on dribbble.com


@flyosity Haha.

5 hours ago

@flyosity Hrm?

5 hours ago

@tandyq You mean "that movie with two crucial badass female roles"?

5 hours ago

RT @TandyQ: Marvel: “That movie with the talking racoon and the walking tree that comes out this week? We’ve already greenlit the sequel.”

5 hours ago

RT @TandyQ: DC: “Here look at our Wonder Woman she won’t play a major role in BvS, but here’s her costume with these weird heels”

5 hours ago

RT @hendrixart: state of the American freelance workplace in 2014- Starbucks http://t.co/bkkH19T39A

6 hours ago

About a year ago I purchased some cigars. Today I found them unintentionally seasoned in a makeshift humidor. Still good! 😅

21 hours ago

@ssoriche Maybe so, but would you prefer Puzzle Quest updates to another installment of Ultimate Alliance?

1 day ago

Happy Birthday, @powerllama!

1 day ago

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Figure 04. A cross-section of audio absorbed on last.fm