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I am Klein.

DESIGNER, Electric Pulp, c.2013



near Louisville, population 36,462


Figure 01. A selection of work on dribbble.com


I really wish my podcast subscriptions came with a “featuring Ihnatko” warning.

17 hours ago

That marks the third time I’ve tried to pay via Apple Pay. Only once has it “just worked”. It is thoroughly embarrassing when it doesn’t.

18 hours ago

As long as you don't view Google as the "great corporate evil", Now is easily the most powerfully attractive thing in its arsenal.

2 days ago

So far, #io15 has been playing catchup with Apple. What happened to the Google that tries absolutely crazy new ideas?

2 days ago

"Checking the time is pretty cool." #io15

2 days ago

RT @ismh: what if there is no keynote just an intro for two hours

2 days ago

Let's just… when you start late, MAYYYYYBE cut the countdown intro?

2 days ago

Google Universe (formerly Earth)

2 days ago

If you had "the one guy wearing his Glass to the event" on your Keynote bingo card, punch that square.

2 days ago

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Figure 03. A smattering of consumed media on trakt.tv


Figure 04. A cross-section of audio absorbed on last.fm