Hi, there.

I am Klein.

DESIGNER, Electric Pulp, c.2013



near Louisville, population 36,462


Figure 01. A selection of work on dribbble.com


RT @markonen: iOS 9 is a huge release for publishers. I didn’t realize the implications before compiling a summary of the changes. https://…

20 hours ago

@_hrrsn The particular instance that sparked the tweet was someone taking a picture of our kid without our knowledge, and posting it to FB.

20 hours ago

@rjonesy I want in.

21 hours ago

@michaellehmkuhl …and therein lies the problem, of permission.

23 hours ago

@michaellehmkuhl Right. I’m aware that it’s going to become a omnipresent thing, and I’d even had likely said “Sure”, were I ever asked…

23 hours ago

Why do people think it’s okay to post pictures of other people’s children to Facebook without permission?

24 hours ago

@Cuthpaste Well, I’m sold. (…even more than I already was…)

1 day ago

@Cuthpaste Gravity Falls is in Infinity?

1 day ago

@Cuthpaste WAIT

1 day ago

Figure 02. A sampling of tweets from twitter.com


Figure 03. A smattering of consumed media on trakt.tv


Figure 04. A cross-section of audio absorbed on last.fm