Hi, there.

I am Klein.

DESIGNER, Electric Pulp, c.2013



near Louisville, population 36,462


Figure 01. A selection of work on dribbble.com


RT @preshit: @flyosity Here's the entire list of subreddits that have gone private. Insanity. https://t.co/XofUk3WcFk

14 hours ago

RT @flyosity: I've been a Reddit user for 9 years and have seen everything first hand. The political backstabbing of the past 6 months is u…

14 hours ago

RT @flyosity: Reddit is imploding. The board needs to fire Pao immediately, she's toxic and is taking the site down with her. https://t.co/…

14 hours ago

RT @mattro: If you can’t please everyone all of the time, please no one, none of the time.

14 hours ago

RT @happysquid: Thank you to everyone for their good wishes and support. Love you guys.

14 hours ago

@nawong Shit. You’ve got me there!

1 day ago

@cue Can you give us a definitive rundown of what happens to iTunes Match users when they trial Apple Music? Seems to be a lot of confusion.

1 day ago

@ohpalmer Any time, mate!

1 day ago

@ohpalmer Quite good stuff.

1 day ago

Figure 02. A sampling of tweets from twitter.com


Figure 03. A smattering of consumed media on trakt.tv


Figure 04. A cross-section of audio absorbed on last.fm